PODSTRANA - a little Mediterranean under Perun

Active Vacation - Golf course Podstrana

Did you know that Podstrana actually has a small golf course? The 5 whole golf course is situated at enter in Podstrana. The club is open every day in the summer season. Everybody are welcome to come and play the course, you don’t need to be member of a golf club. Visit Podstrana and begin adventure at golf court.

Legend of King Arthur lives in Podstrana

The monument is located on the beach. In Podstrana near Split is the tomb of Lucius Artorius Castus, the great Roman general from the 2nd century, which, among other things, was the commander of the Roman legions in Britain. He was a historic figure who advanced from the position of a soldier, to a centurion, a legion commander, a Roman fleet prefect, eventually to have ended his career and life in his province of Liburnia, the present day Dalmatia, in Podstrana – Sveti Martin. A group of scientists led by American professor Scott Littleton and Linda Malcor, argue that it was the Roman general, whose tomb is located in the Podstrana, was used as the basis for the creation of the myth of King Arthur.

Excursions - Island Šolta

The island of Šolta is one hour away by ferry boat. The earliest traces of habitation date back to neoliths.

It is the island of olives, wine, figs and honey, ideal for navigators, families and all those seeking an escape from stress. An island of unspoiled nature, beautiful bays such as “Šešula”, “Zaglav”,… and in regards to towns, Stomorska, Maslinica, Rogač and Nečujam are worth visiting.

Active Vacation - Cetina Rafting

Cetina rafting

For all those who apart from enjoying in the intact nature wish to experience an adventure, the Cetina River rafting is the right choice! After three and a half hour long ride down one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia with its beautiful rapids, waterfalls and caves embraced with rich flora and fauna of the protected Cetina River canyon, you reach the ending point in the Radmanove mlinice restaurant-picnic area where you can have lunch.



Mount Mosor is one of the most favourite Split’s destination for hiking, stretching along the shore, from Split to Omiš.

Its highest peak is Veliki Kabal (1339m), and one of its most visited is Vickov stup (1325m). On top of Sveti Jure (1319m) is a Roman Catholic chapel carrying the same name.

Abundant in fauna and flora, as well as numerous caves and pits, the most favourite is the cave Vranjača on the southeast part of Mosor accessible through the town Dugopolje. Mosor also has an observatory known by the name “Zvjezdano selo (Star village) Mosor”

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